Pillar Branding

Promotional Displays

Showcase your identity in various environments without the constraints of fixed structures, such as pillars or walls. Ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of both indoor and outdoor spaces, these displays draw attention to your product or message. Additionally, they serve as effective signboards visible from all directions.

Moveable Pillar Branding

The Branded Pillar Stands are neat and eye-catching branded pillars that are easy to setup and arrange.

Brand Advertising

Represent your brand in almost any space. You’re not restricted to a fixed structure like a pillar or wall.
Used to decorate interior or exterior spaces where you want to exhibit or bring attention to your brand or product. Also effective as a signboard that can be seen from all directions.


  • Lightweight and Stable
  • Simple setup and take down
  • Extruded industrial strength poles
  • Machine washable high quality fabric
  • Customise all four sides with print
  • Includes carry case